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Funding address Goal 42 ETH (Please only send ETH, smart contract will not recognise other coins/tokens.). Please do not send other tokens will be lost. Please send from a metamask wallet.

Funds above hardcapwill be returned.

Light paper https://www.docdroid.net/FpECe2F/kr8tn.pdf Light paper French,German,Russian,Spanish

http://docdro.id/UQRSA3o Testnet contract. (Do not send funds here)

https://ropsten.etherscan.io/token/0x86fa049857e02... exchange https://etherdelta.com

We believe original copies have a higher value, all digital copies were considered equal until now..
Utilising the technology of the blockchain. To create verifiable original content for crowdfunding for sales for keepsakes.

Funding address. Email is required for all non-token rewards.

The kr8 token will be used for attribution,validation and purchase/sale of original artwork on the platform.

Total token creationlevel 120,000

Tokens for sale 60,000

Goal 42 eth with stretch goal 60 eth

0.001 Eth = 1 kr8

0.01 Eth = 10kr8

0.1 Eth = 100kr8

0.1 Eth = 100kr8

1 ETH = 1000kr8


0.0001 Eth my personal thanks

0.001 Eth my personal thanks and a kr8 token, and a custom photograph.(Not including a kr8 token)

0.01 Eth my personal thanks, a postcard and 10 kr8 tokens.

0.1 Eth above plus beta testing and two hour virtual consultation.

1 Eth above plus alpha testing, your photo and bio listed on site and visit the office and attend backers events(in Europe sorry we are unable to help with travel and accomdation costs)

10 Eth - super backer above plus the office comes to visit you (Europe unable to help with travel and accommodation costs.)

* For those who wish to arrange events/visitation outside of Europe, they will need to arrange transport/accomdation at their own expense

Explore KR8

Create a wide range of digital media. Photo,video, audio with embedded blockchain tokens proving authorship and copyright ownership as a distributed ledger.

Art exchange

Buy, sell and trade original and limited edition artwork, books, music and video directly from content creators. Own something unique or rare while helping to fund artists' endeavours.

Place your creations in escrow on the blockchain for bidders, provide original and limited editions or simply use as proof of authorship.

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